A pregnant pause

There I was in early December, clipping along like lightning with my second draft. I had a detailed outline and 1000 words per session came easily. Sure, we had started to try to have another baby, but my OB herself had just told me that “at my age”, it would take six to twelve months to conceive naturally.

So there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to crunch the numbers in which I wasn’t going be finished with the next draft in a matter of mere months!

Hahahahahahahaha, laughed the universe. Hahahahahahahahaha.

I was pregnant literally three days after she told me that. According to the way they calculate pregnancy, mine actually began the very same day I went off birth control. (So let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief for me that The Handmaid’s Tale is a work of fiction).

Then I was really sick for three months straight–the first two due to first trimester symptoms, and the third with two back-to-back colds that hit me like death because when you’re pregnant, your body basically turns off your immune system so you don’t accidentally reject your fetus as an infection (oh and you also can’t take any cold medicine!).

I was finally feeling better and writing again just when my babysitter gave her two weeks notice. Then it took all of those two weeks to find a new babysitter, who despite committing through the end of the summer, quit three weeks after she started (one of which she spent in Spain–a trip she didn’t tell me about until after I hired her–but I digress.)

Add to that, my soon-to-be-oldest daughter needs to be potty-trained for pre-school this Fall. And since at least for insurance/billing purposes, I’m an “old mother”, I have shlepped to a doctor’s appointment all the way uptown at least twice a month since December, and as the due date approaches, that’s just going to ramp up.

Each time I’ve been taken out of my draft for more than a few days, it has taken as long just to get back into it. I haven’t given up on it by a long shot–I’ve still managed to write about 20ish new pages, here and there, over these months. I am still making progress even when it is frustratingly slow. But realistically, this draft is not going to get done until after this baby is born and we are out of the newborn phase.

But in the meantime, we’re going to have another baby girl. ❤

(And then I’ll have the rest of my life in which to become an “old writer”, which seems to be the preferable order of operations, anyway.)

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